• CRESS Video Tutorials

    The videos and support materials are designed to provide supervisors an overview of the CMSD Classified Non-CTU Union Evaluation (Classified Represented Education Support Staff - CRESS). The information is also designed to provide support for the required accreditation exam for evaluators.
    Each video is less than 6 minutes and provides valuable information about the CRESS Performance Evaluation Process. Make sure you download and print the documents found here prior to viewing the tutorials. You can pause the video tutorials at any time and you can watch them as many times as you choose.
    The exam is taken in Public School Works. You must enroll inthe exam first; it does not appear as assigned to you the way the Bloodbourne Pathogens training does. To enroll in the exam, log in with User Name:first.last and Password:employee id number.  Then go to Available courses: Credentialing Exams: Certification Exam 1: Enroll: Take Course: Take the test. You must pass the course to evaluate in CRESS. For questions about the accreditation exam or the CRESS evaluation process contact the Talent Department.  Print the CRESS manual and flow chart to use during the test.

    Document Downloads:
    The document will load in another webpage. Once the document is visible, print the document.

    Video Tutorials:

    Introduction: 2 minute overview of the tutorials and the accreditation exam

    Document Overview: a 4 minute walk through of the Performance Evaluation.

    General Questions: A review of guidelines and sample general questions.

    Scenario Questions: A review of the rubrics and the scenario questions.

    Total Performance Questions: A review of the method for calculating total performance and sample questions.

    Next Steps: This is a short overview of what to do next with evaluation.