Volunteers have a positive impact on

    children, schools and our city...

    Last year, hundreds of volunteers helped to improve school buildings inside and out, chaperoned field trips, mentored, tutored and motivated our scholars to believe in themselves and achieve academically. Your time and support can change lives.

    To become a CMSD volunteer:

    • If you are a parent please contact your school principal for available opportunities. These can vary from school to school. To see the list of volunteers opportunities with their required security clearance and cost click here.
    • If you are a community member or community organization and would like to help a school in your neighborhood. You can contact the school directly and make an appointment with the Principal. To locate the school phone number please click here.
    • If you are a community member or community organization and would like to serve at a school, however you need assistance selecting a school; please call the Manager of Volunteers at 216.838.0337.



    Volunteer Registration:

    • Volunteer Registrations will begin for the new school year on August 1st. and close on May 10th.
    • All volunteers must complete a volunteer application process. 
    • Before registering you are required to contact the school/department for available opportunities.
    • Parents and Community members must complete the online Volunteer Electronic Registration in English; or to Registro Electronico para Voluntarios to register in Spanish.
    • If volunteer does not have access to a computer or smart phone, please contact the Manager of Volunteers at 216.838.0337.
    • If volunteer is a minor they must complete the Minor Volunteer Registration packet. Please note if minor is volunteering individually for service hours and during school day time hours they must have signature of their school Principal or school staff representative.



     Volunteer Registration for Community Partners and their members (two options):

    • All Main Contacts of Community Partner Groups must provide their full name and contact information here.
    • The main contact of a Community Organization or Corporate Partner must provide a roster of their volunteers in this format. Groups are responsible for completing the necessary security checks of their members and provide results of completed checks. If you have any questions please check with the Manager of Volunteers.
    • Volunteer group members will not register through the Volunteer Registration portal.
    • If volunteer group members require a low level security check and wish to complete through CMSD, the cost per volunteer is $5. Please contact the Manager of Volunteers for details.
    • If you are the main contact of a community group or corporate partner wanting to serve at a school and you are an authorized employee to be responsible for the liability and security clearance of the employees interested in volunteering at CMSD, download the Community & Corporate Partner Volunteer Registration. 

      This form only applies to employees volunteering with a community partner.

    • Organizations & Corporate partners are responsible for completing the required security checks and verifying that their employees volunteering with CMSD have not been convicted or pled guilty to an offense listed on the Community & Corporate Partner Volunteer Registration (within appropriate timeframes, if applicable). If you have questions regarding this, please contact the Volunteer Manager.



    • All parent and individual volunteers are subject to a low-level security check at the moment of registration. Once you have completed the electronic registration and selected the volunteer function you will be notified what security clearance you will be required to complete.
    • The main contact of a Community Group/Organization is responsible of ensuring that their members have completed the required security checks (low-level or high-level check) and provide a copy of check results of each group member as part of the registration process and approval. Please contact volunteer manager for assistance.
    • If your volunteer service requires a state and federal clearance (BCI/FBI check), this check can be obtained through our Safety and Security Department. Volunteers are responsible to follow up with this office for results, due to privacy laws you must request results to be sent to the Volunteer Manager. Please be aware the cost is $47.25 (FBI $25.25/BCI $22.00) payable by money order on the following days, times and location:

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    9:00 am - 11:00 am / 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

    1349 E. 79th Street, Room #125, Cleveland, OH 44103/Ph:(216) 838-0420


    • The BCI/FBI checks can also be completed at your local police station or in select DMV locations.
    • Please mail results indicating the volunteer location (school/department) and community group (if applicable) to: CMSD District Manager of Volunteers (view contact information below).



    Volunteer ID badge:

    • CMSD is implementing a new security visitor system, this will be the last year that card ID badges are provided to volunteers. Starting next school year identification ID name tags will be printed on a daily basis after staff signs-in the volunteer.
    • For this school year, only parents will be provided with a card badge. Community volunteers will be identified with the printed badge given to them when signing in the security system.
    • All volunteers must be identified while serving in the school.
    • Parents, while you wait for your card badge you will be provided with the ID name tag printed from our security system, indicating the security clearance.
    • Badges with a function (job) and Yellow indicate that volunteer has a low level security check and must be supervised at all times by school staff.
    • Badges with a function (job) and Green indicate that volunteer has a higher level security check (fingerprints are provided) and can work with students with limited staff supervision.
    • Volunteer card badges DO NOT need to be replaced every school year. However, if badges are damaged or lost we can replace them. There is a fee of $5 after a second replacement.
    • Volunteer badges must be turned in to the school office at the end of the volunteer shift. Badges will be hand out to the volunteer at the start of their next visit.
    • If you volunteer in more than one school building, make sure that you have indicated in your registration the schools where you will volunteering.
    • Once volunteers are cleared with their security checks and have their badges they can begin serving at the school.


    To enter a school building to volunteer you will need:

    • Please provide a legal form of identification: driver's license, state ID, passport, etc. to check-in with the front office staff of the school building.
    • Your CMSD issued Volunteer ID badge, will identify you in the school building.
    • A sunny disposition!

    Volunteers make a difference by:

    • strengthening school programs
    • helping to establish parent groups
    • sponsoring special events
    • serving on a school advisory committee

    The Board of Education is committed to promoting community and family engagement to enhance our scholars’ education in a variety of in-school and extracurricular activities.

    Volunteer Contact:

    Judith Lozada, Volunteer Manager
    Office of Family and Community Engagement

    1349 E. 79th Street, Room 228, Cleveland, Ohio 44104




    Start making a difference in our schools today!


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