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    Employee Group Welcome to the CMSD Talent Department Page. Here you will find information about the Talent Department's services, current employment opportunities, policies, procedures and requirements for employment in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

    The Talent staff is committed to the recruitment and retention of top-notch employees with the determination and drive to create a positive and effective 21st century learning environment for our students. Our departmental goal is to provide personalized support and service to each employee, school, and department. We also strive to build a foundation of employee excellence through rigorous performance standards, staff development and a diverse and dedicated work force that supports the mission and goals of the district.

    Lori Ward - Chief Talent Officer


    Employee Resources




    MISSION: Create programming and support design to increase engagement, retention, and leadership rates for men of color with CMSD.


    Welcome to the team

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    Employee Policies and Procedures Manual

    Substitute Teacher/Paraprofessional Handbook 

  • Human Resources is now located at:
    1111 Superior Avenue E
    Human Resources
    Suite 1800
    Cleveland, OH 44114
    Upon entering the building
    please be prepared to present
    your identification at the security station on main floor.


    Contact Us

    1111 Superior Avenue E
    Human Resources - Suite 1800
    Cleveland, Ohio 44114
    (216) 838-0040


    The Human Resources Department is located in Downtown Cleveland. Housed on the 18th Floor of 1111 Superior Avenue, Human Resources is centrally located to provide service to all of the District’s schools and administrative offices. 

    Our office hours are from 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.  To better serve our customers, on-site visitors must arrive no later than 4:30 p.m.