• CMSD Recommended Book Lists

    These lists are intended to assist schools and media specialists in adding to a library or classroom collection. Prices are quoted from Follett and are not guaranteed indefinitely, but will give a general idea of cost.  Lists can be used to order from any vendor. All library books must be ordered with library processing (library bar codes and records for the library catalog).  
  • 17-18 STEM K-8

    This list is intended to boost the STEM-related resources in a K-8 library.  It includes STEM graphic novels, biographies, and nonfiction.

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  • 17-18 Easy Readers

    Easy Readers are appropriate for beginning or emerging independent readers, usually between the ages of five and eight.  They have text and illustrations on the same page, but are not as lushly illustrated as a picture book.  Sentences are short and simple and the font is large.

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  • 17-18 Graphic Novels

    Graphic novels are not comic books.  These works are highly accessible and attractive with complicated storylines and characters.  This list is intended for K-8 collections.  Many graphic novels deal with adult themes and situtaions and those are not included in this list.  Most CMSD libraries, especially K-8, do not have strong graphic novel collections, but students love reading this genre.

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