• Gifted Services by Program/Grade


    Students that meet gifted criteria, according to Ohio Law, in any of the CMSD public schools are invited to the gifted school nearest to their home address.  There is one gifted self-contained school:  James A. Garfield.

    Self-contained classrooms are in grades 2-6 (2-8 in select schools) with a licensed Gifted Intervention Specialist (GIS) teaching gifted identified students according to state criteria. Some of our schools also provide accelerated courses such as Algebra I and Physical Science Education for High School credit.  (contact individual schools for information)


    Gifted Cluster groups are classrooms that contain identified gifted students and students that are high achievers.  These cluster groups can be found in the same 3 schools as our self-contained programs at James A. Garfield, Riverside, and Wade Park.

    Gifted students in grades 7 and 8 are serviced in a gifted cluster group model with general education students taught by a general education teacher certified in the content area in which he/she teaches.

    7th and 8th grade gifted students have the opportunity to work toward high school credits in Math and Science.  These courses are offered at select schools.

    James A. Garfield School has self-contained and/or cluster group classrooms.

    View schools with Pull Out Resource Room opportunities for grades 2-6 (and 7-8 in select schools).



    Advanced Placement (AP) coursework is offered in ALL area high schools; AP courses vary per school; teachers are AP College Board accredited.

    Early College Programs including Bard Early College, Lincoln West, John Marshall,  and Cleveland Early College at John Hay.

    All district students can be eligible for single-subject or whole-grade acceleration (not just gifted identified students). Whole-grade Acceleration is determined by use of the IOWA Acceleration Scales assessment process. Contact the gifted coordinator for more information.

    Early Entrance to Kindergarten testing is done through the Office of Gifted Education and the Office of Psychological Services. Referrals are made to the Gifted Coordinator of the Office of Gifted Education using the Early Entrance to Kindergarten application posted on the CMSD website.  Testing is generally done at a Summer Testing Clinic for Early Entrance to Kindergarten.  All appointments must be scheduled through the Gifted Coordinator. Click here for instructions for Early Entrance to Kindergarten if your child turns 5 years old after September 30th.

    Students identified as ‘Twice Exceptional’ have an IEP and a WEP and are included in the self-contained gifted room, gifted cluster, or gifted pull-out resource room.