• Gifted Education Program

    Overview of the Gifted Education Program in CMSD

    The Gifted Education Program in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is currently in grades 2-8, the Honors Program in grades 7 and 8, and the AP Program (Advanced Placement) at the high school level. There are three schools that service gifted identified children in a self-contained, single-classroom setting. The Advanced Placement (AP) courses vary amongst high schools. Gifted Pull-out Resource Rooms servicing identified gifted children are offered at more than 20 of the District’s Schools in grades 2-6 (and gr. 7-8 in select schools).

    Gifted identification is based upon a 95th percentile score in the National Range on a standardized assessment on the Ohio Department of Education approved list of testing instruments. A Full Scale IQ Score of 127 or above on a standardized test of cognitive ability is also used for gifted identification. Applications are also accepted from building administrators, guidance counselors, teachers, parents, and the students themselves. Applications are available on the gifted webpage under "Forms".  However, the student must still meet the required score to be identified.  Gifted service is extended to students that score 127 or higher on a cognitive ability test or that score a 95% or higher on Math and/or Reading on the NWEA (Map test) that is administered to the students multiple times during the school year. 

    All teachers teaching in gifted classrooms grades 2-8 are licensed in gifted education (GIS) or are 'gifted service providers' that are currently working toward a gifted service provider (GSP) certificate.. Teachers in grades 9-12 either hold their gifted endorsement or are highly qualified in the content area in which they teach.

    Children in the gifted program follow the same grade level content standards as their general education peers or may be working one or more grade levels above. There are components to the gifted program that differ. Students engage in Research Talks, Weekly Forums, Experiential Learning, and Literature Club.  They participate in programs such as Shared Inquiry through Junior Great Books, Dr. Sandra Kaplan's Depth and Complexity Writing Model, Zaccaro tiered math units, S.O.L.E. (cooperative learning), and more.

    In order to maintain academic rigor and the social-emotional well-being of our gifted children, parent involvement is a major component of our program.  Parents are welcome to schedule a visit to their child's gifted classroom and to participate in any school or classroom celebrations.

    Directory of Gifted Schools


    In selecting a gifted site, please make sure you call the school first to inquire about the availability for the grade level you are seeking.  Specialty schools may require a different application process.


    Self-Contained Schools - Grades 2-6, (gr. 7-8 in select schools)

    • Garfield (gr. 7-8 Math)

    Pull-Out Resource Programs - Grades 2-6 (gr. 7-8 in select schools)

    • Almira School
    • Benjamin Franklin School
    • Buhrer Dual Language School 
    • Campus International IB Program 
    • Clark
    • Denison School
    • Douglas MacArthur Girls’ Leadership Academy
    • East Clark School
    • Kenneth Clement Boys' Leadership Academy
    • Luis Munoz Marin 
    • Nathan Hale School
    • Newton D. Baker Arts School 
    • Orchard STEM
    • Paul L. Dunbar School 
    • Riverside
    • Scranton
    • Tremont Montessori
    • Wade Park
    • Walton 
    • Warner Girls’ Leadership Academy 
    • William Cullen Bryant School
    • William Rainey Harper

    We are currently servicing the Cleveland Remote School online.

    Schools with 'Gifted Service Providers' at various grade levels:

    • Clark School
    • Dike School
    • Halle School
    • Memorial School
    • Miles Park School
    • Scranton School
    HIGH SCHOOLS, Grades 9-12

    (Gifted Coded Students feed into these High Schools unless they apply to another special program or thematic school):

    • Collinwood
    • East Tech
    • Glenville
    • James F. Rhodes
    • John Marshall

    Advanced Placement Program

    AP courses are either in-class or on-line. 
    Please consult with the Principal or Guidance Counselor of the individual school for a complete listing of AP courses offered.

    • Cleveland School of Architecture and Design
    • Cleveland School of Science and Medicine
    • Cleveland School Early College
    • Cleveland School of the Arts
    • Collinwood
    • East Tech
    • Garrett Morgan
    • Glenville
    • James F. Rhodes
    • Jane Addams
    • John Adams
    • John F. Kennedy
    • John Marshall
    • Lincoln West
    • Max Hayes
    • New Tech West