The Major Work Pull-Out Program is found in schools that have a significant number of identified gifted students.  In this program, identified gifted students are pulled-out from the regular education classroom and receive supplemental instruction by a gifted certified specialist.  Specialized instruction is offered based on the student's specific area(s) of gifted identification in Reading and/or Mathematics.  Gifted learning activities incorporate higher-level thinking, abstract thought, creative thinking, logical reasoning and problem solving.  Program features include Socratic Seminars, Shared Inquiry through Junior Great Books, S.O.L.E. (cooperative research), Zaccaro tiered math units and In the Balance-Algebraic/Logical Reasoning Puzzles.
    Twelve Gifted Intervention Specialists service students in fourteen District Schools in grades 2-5 (or 2-6 in select schools).  Schools with the Pull-Out Program are listed below.
    • Almira School
    • Buhrer Dual Language School 
    • Campus International IB Program 
    • Dike School of Arts Lower Campus
    • Douglas MacArthur Girls’ Leadership Academy 
    • East Clark School
    • Kenneth Clement Boys' Leadership Academy
    • Louisa May Alcott School 
    • Luis Munoz Marin 
    • Newton D. Baker Arts School  
    • Paul L. Dunbar School 
    • Tremont Montessori 
    • Walton School
    • Warner Girls’ Leadership Academy 
    • William Cullen Bryant School