The Department of Curriculum & Instruction supports teachers in continuous improvement of their knowledge and skills. Our goal is to provide a rigorous curriculum equitably across the district. All students should have equal opportunity to have the same level of learning, and all teachers should have the tools they need to help our students achieve the learning goals.


    students A central team of PreK-12 specialists provide support to teachers and administrators. The team facilitates groups of teachers who review standards, recommend instructional materials, and develop support materials for all teachers to use. ESL and CTE specialists are also part of the team to provide support for all learners. The team provides district-wide professional development, and supports other staff in regional or school-based professional development.

  • students

    • Standards
    • Assessments
    • Instructional materials
    • Teaching Strategies
    • Professional Development
    • Language Arts (reading, speaking)
    • K-12 Mathematics
    • K-12 Science
    • K-12 Social Studies
    • World Languages
    • Physical Education
    • Health
    • Arts Education
    • Career and Technical Education
    • Personalized Learning Requirements
    • Library and Information Literacy
    The Department can also provide School support for:
    • Instructional coaching
    • Data-driven discussions
    • Facilitating professional learning groups
    • Differentiation in lesson planning
    • Staff Request FormStaff Only


    Elizabeth Nelson Creel
    Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction
    Kyle Auchter
    Program Manager, Library Services
    Lesley Wilkins-Valentine
    Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction (PreK-3)
    Meagan Coggins
    Director of Middle Grades Curriculum and Instruction (4-8)
    Leah Baxendale
    Director of High School Curriculum and Instruction (9-12)
    Jacqui Miller
    Director of Specialized School Models