• Division of Academics

    The Division of Academics' mission is to support and develop learning opportunities for our students, community, and staff. Our belief is that through data, curriculum, social and emotional learning, and school selection, we will be able to meet the needs of our diverse learners so they can achieve academic excellence in college and careers. 


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    Dr. Selena Florence

    Chief Academic Officer

    Dr. Selena Florence
    Jessica Baldwin

    Interim Deputy Chief of Student Services

    Jessica Wiseman

    The mission of Student Services is whole human learning.

    • We collaborate with other CMSD divisions to ensure equitable access to the District’s Post-Pandemic Learning Vision for each scholar, by maximizing learners’ academic, social-emotional, mental, and physical health and wellness.
    • We support the creation of safe, positive, and restorative learning environments with a focus on relationships, rituals, routines, and student voice and choice.
    • We empower schools and educators to provide integrated universal supports for all scholars, as well as targeted and intensive interventions for scholars in need.
    • We ensure the provision of individualized services that honor the identities and leverage the strengths of learners within our special populations.
    Elizabeth Creel

    Interim Deputy Chief of Learning and Teaching

    Elizabeth Nelson Creel
    The Academics division works hand-in-hand with schools to ensure the constant delivery of high-quality educational experiences while closely monitoring the emotional and physical well-being of all CMSD scholars.


    Executive Assistant

    Evelyn Holmes