• After School Snack Program

     What is the "After School Snacks Program?"

    The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) now offers Federal reimbursement to help schools serve snacks to children after their regular school day ends. After School Snacks give children a nutritional boost and draw them into supervised educational activities that are safe, fun and filled with learning opportunities.

    How can children benefit from the snack service?

    After School Snacks help ensure that children receive the nutrition they need to learn, play and grow. Organized, structured, and supervised programs that provide snacks allow children to think and behave better, and help them make the grade!

    Is my after school care program eligible?

    In order for a site to participate, your school district must run the NSLP. Additionally the afterschool care program must provide children with regularly scheduled educational or enrichment activities in a supervised environment. Contact the School Nutrition office for further information regarding program eligibility.

    What type of snacks must be served in my program?

    In order to be reimbursed from USDA, the snacks must contain at least two different components of the following four: a serving of fluid milk; a serving of meat or meat alternate; a serving of vegetable(s) or fruit(s) or full strength vegetable or fruit juice; a serving of whole grain or enriched bread or cereal. 

    Where can I find the snack menu?

    The After School Snack Program menu is updated monthly and can be found here on our website under "Menus."

    How do I apply for After School Snacks?

    1. Fill out the Snack Application Form 
    2. Submit the form to Perez.Bryant@clevelandmetroschools.org
    3. Attach a roster containing the names and ID numbers of all participating students when submitting the application form.

    What records must be maintained?

    The School Nutrition staff will provide you with specific information on the reporting and recordkeeping requirements. You will need to maintain a roster or sign-in sheet for participating children. Additionally, you must record and report and sign for the total number of snacks you serve each day.  You will also be required to maintain documentation of compliance with the meal pattern.

    Attendance Sheet

    Week 1 Production Record

    Week 2 Production Record

    After School Snack Powerpoint Presentation

    Who administers the program?

    The NSLP is administered on the Federal level by the Food and Nutrition Service, an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Within individual States, the program is administered by the State of Ohio, Department of Education.  At the local level, the program is administered by the Cleveland Municipal School District, School Nutrition department.