• Nutrition Education

    Schools play an important role in helping scholars establish healthy eating behaviors. Nutrition education is a vital part of comprehensive health education programs and empowers scholars with knowledge and skills to make healthy food and beverage choices.

    Did you know US students receive less than 8 hours of required nutrition education each year, according to a CDC 2014 study? Given the important role diet plays in preventing chronic diseases and supporting good health, let CMSD School Nutrition come to your class and give nutrition education lessons on any topic of your choosing!

    We have a Dietitian working for the district who are able to give nutrition education lessons from preschool-aged children to older adults. In addition, we have an Executive Chef who has mastered teaching important cooking skills to scholars and staff who are ServSafe Certified in food safety.


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  • Presentation Topics

    In the past, we have taught:

    • MyPlate

    • Healthy eating on a budget

    • Navigating restaurant menus

    • Knife skills

    • Sports Nutrition

    • Hydration

    • Reading food labels

    • Importance of healthy eating and physical activity

    • Food safety

    • And so much more