• Who Should You Call?

    Have a School Nutrition question and you are not sure who to call? Check out the management list below with topics that we receive frequently asked questions for. You can also find a list with detailed contact information on the Staff Directory page of our website here!


    Executive Director: Robert Gorman: 216-776-8363


    Director of Operations: Robinette Prince-Simpkins: (216) 848-5898:

    • Major School Issues and Unable to Serve Meals (power outage, etc.)
    • Unresolved Site Issues

    Area Food Supervisors: 

    • Wendy Lim: 216-534-9669
    • Christine Sepulveda: 216-571-2874

    Program Manager, Special Projects: Mallory Packard (email)

    Procurement Manager: Vacant

    • Formal Bid Proposal and Requests
    • Truck Deliveries
    • Vendor Requests

    Equipment Coordinator: Laurie McCulloch: (216) 246-3372:

    • Equipment Failure
    • Equipment Request

    Staffing Coordinator: Priscilla Tate (216) 838-0443:

    • Call offs
    • Open Positions
    • Recruitment
    • Staffing Questions (including Lunch Attendants)

    Accounting Coordinator: Perez Bryant 


    Registered Dietician: Jen Rusin

    • Special Diet Requests
    • Menus


    Contact Form:

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