• Wellness

    The mission of the CMSD Wellness Program is to be a community of lifelong healthy learners.

    Learn + Live + Be Healthy = Wellness 4 Life.

  • The CMSD District Wellness Program is responsible for the implementation of the Comprehensive Wellness Policy. The Policy is a framework that integrates health and physical education, Humanware, and Food Child & Nutrition Services to support a healthy learning environment for student achievement. The CMSD District Wellness Program provides opportunities for District employees, students, and their families to participate in wellness activities and initiatives.

    Public Updates

    The USDA requires that local educational agencies (LEAs) must make the following available to the public:

    • The wellness policy, including any updates to and about the wellness policy, on an annual basis, at a minimum, and
    • The Triennial Assessment, including progress toward meeting the goals of the policy.

    Please find our Triennial Assessment, completed in January 2022, below:

wcss model
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