• Special Diets

    A top priority for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is the safety and well-being of every student. School Nutrition plays an important role in this priority by recognizing there are students within our District that have special dietary needs. These needs can stem from physical or mental disabilities, food allergies or intolerances and/or medical dietary needs that impact the important major life activities of eating and digestion.

    If there is no known disability, allergy, or food intolerance, but parents request certain products to be eliminated for religious reasons, it is at the discretion of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to make a food substitution, but is not required.  

    It is our commitment to make reasonable accommodations for all special dietary needs and requests to ensure every student is properly nourished so they are better equipped to learn and achieve to their fullest potential.

    Parents: To help us properly serve your child, you must complete the required form(s) for their special dietary needs. Forms cannot be considered without authorization from a physician or medical authority. Email the completed form(s) to our district dietitian.


    The Big 8: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Soy, Fish and Shellfish

  • Special Dietary Needs

    The Medical Statement for Students with Special Dietary Needs packet contains forms that help us provide reasonable meal modifications for students who require them. We cannot provide these modifications to meals and snacks offered without proper documentation from parents and medical professionals. Completion of the packet and any additional documentation will allow us to create a plan with parents to provide safe, appropriate meals and snacks to their children while at school.

    To download the Medical Statement for Students with Special Dietary Needs Packet, click HERE or click the link below. When completed, please send it to the dietitian via email.

    Medical Statement for Students with Special Dietary Needs Packet

  • Religious Dietary Requests

    The Cleveland Metropolitan School District thrives on the diversity of our students, their families and caregivers, and our fellow educators. We respect the assortment of cultures within the District and understand that for religious reasons, parents may request that certain food products be eliminated from their children's diet. In order for these requests to be reasonably accommodated at school, parents must complete the Request for Meal Substitutions for Religious Reasons form. Please click HERE to download the form or click the link below. Once completed, please send it to the dietitian via email. 


    Meal Substitution For Religious Reasons Request form

  • Parents:

    Your participation in this process is very important. The sooner you provide the appropriate, completed forms to the School Nutrition Department, the sooner we can prepare to best serve your child and reasonably accommodate their special dietary needs.

    For additional questions, please contact our district dietitian.