• Parents - School Nutrition FAQ

    What is on the menu?

    Printable versions of the current breakfast and lunch menus are found here. We also have online viewable versions of the current breakfast menu here and the current lunch menu here.

    How much do meals cost?

    Every student enrolled in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District can eat breakfast and lunch at no cost! Students have the option purchase a 2nd meal for breakfast and/or lunch.

    My child has special dietary needs. What do I do?

    To help us properly serve your child, you must complete the required form(s) for their special dietary needs. The forms are found on our website here. Please call Allison Thirion, our Dietitian, at (216)838-0445 with any additional questions or concerns surrounding your child's special dietary needs.

    Are there a la carte options?

    A la carte items are available for purchase at all high schools. K-8 schools do not have a la carte products, but these students do have the option to purchase a 2nd meal for breakfast and/or lunch. A list of the current a la carte pricing and items can be found here.