• February 2022 HEART Champions

    This year we celebrate the eighth anniversary of our Customer Experience program, Communicate with H.E.A.R.T., which was launched on Valentine’s Day 2014. Since its inception, the HEART Committee has recognized a total of 206 Educators as HEART Champions. This week 35 employees, nominated by YOU, were selected – the largest class to date!

    The caliber of nominations was outstanding. The task of identifying our Champions is never easy, and this held true again for the second-quarter award period.

    The Champions each bring unique contributions and impact to the CMSD community. The Communicate with H.E.A.R.T. model stresses that the role of the Educator is greater than the tasks associated with his/her job.  These Educators embody this philosophy in every way. As we have dealt with the challenges and impact of the pandemic, their acts of service in many instances turned struggles into triumphs for our students, families, and fellow educators.

    I extend a sincere THANK YOU to ALL Educators for your daily service and dedication to the experience of our scholars, families, visitors, and educators. You are showing your heart, and you are appreciated!

    While we celebrate the anniversary of Communicate with H.E.A.R.T., help us to congratulate our newest HEART Champions, who are listed below. Click here (Communicate with HEART Anniversary Padlet) to leave a celebratory note for our Champions and share your photos and HEART anniversary messages throughout the week. Please also enjoy the treats that will be delivered to work locations this week as a small token of my appreciation and join in the activities highlighted below.

    CONGRATULATIONS Second-Quarter HEART Champions:



    Kassey Allen - Educational Aide, James A. Garfield  

    Jessica Geftic, Art Teacher 

    Christina Amalong - Intervention Specialist , James A. Garfield

    Jessica Gefti , Art Teacher

    Krissy Curtis - Educational Aide, Tremont Montessori 

    Debra Bush, Instructional Aide, PCIA

    Kanika Davila - School Secretary, James A. Garfield

    Jessica Geftic, Art Teacher

    Brian Evans - Senior High School Principal, John Adams HS

    Lynn Kanengeiser, School Nurse

    Ella Grayson - Environmental Service Specialist, Riverside

    Irene K. Epple, Paraprofessional (Aut/Md)

    Jerilyn Oppenheim,  Math Intervention Teacher 

    Kimberly Reynolds, Teacher 

    Maura Hefferman-Jamieson, Teacher, Intervention Specialist (Aut/Md)

    Juliet King - Senior High School Principal, John Adams HS

    Lynn Kanengeiser, School Nurse

    Linda Palombo-King - Resident Educator on Assignment, Talent Division

    Carla McCandless, Teacher Child Development

    Leah Kozlowski - Assistant Principal, Michael R. White STEM

    Christine Gross, Art Teacher

    Matthew Lamovec – IT Contractor, IT Division/Help Desk

    Johnathan Steinbach, JD, Teacher – K-8 Ldbd Tutor

    Heather Mullapudi - Teacher Model Lead Data Specialist

    Blythe Kilcoyne, Art Teacher

    LaQuine Sims - Director of School Software Support, IT Division

    CMSD Educator Stephanie

    Gloriane Allen-Smith, Program Manager Early Learning, Early Childhood/Dike School of the Arts

    Katie Potter, Teacher

    Kyle Spence – IT Contractor, IT Division/ HELP Desk

    Johnathan Steinbach, JD, Teacher – K-8 Ldbd Tutor

    Lynn Tarkey – Teacher, Robert Jamieson

    Andrew Schulman, Teacher

    Theresa Upperman - Registered School Nurse, Riverside

    Jessica Gamble, Principal 

    Heather Kama-Starr,  Assistant Principal 

    Katie Davis, School Secretary 

    Lon Will – IT Contractor,  IT Division/Help Desk

    Johnathan Steinbach, JD, 

    Teacher- K-8 Ld Tutor 

    COVID Hotline Nurses - Health Services, Chief Academic Division

    Mildred Agnew, RN
    Patricia Breslin, RN
    Michael Cotter, RN
    Maryassa Cottingham, RN
    Halle DeLong, RN
    Lenora Gregory, RN
    Angie Hale, RN
    Gwen Hau, RN
    Chris Higgins, RN
    Vanessa Greer-Jones, RN
    Lynn Kanengeiser, RN
    Molly Koslowski, RN
    Beverly Scott, RN
    Mary Spellacy, RN
    Karen Steigerwald, RN
    Vonzell Thomas, RN
    Veronicka Walter, RN
    Sherdina Williams, RN

    Health Services