• Customer Experience Engages with HEART

    Customer Experience Engagement and Literacy Focus

    Fellow educators, we hope that you will agree that nostalgia is priceless. Most especially during our adolescence. Some of us are motivated by those experiences to offer opportunities to our scholars because of our very own joyful memories. Recall, the best field trip that you ever had! This may be visiting downtown and experiencing sky scrapper buildings, or skating at the rink, or even viewing a movie with classmates.

    Beginning in September 2022, the Customer Experience team committed to implementing monthly engagement opportunities for scholars here at 1111 Superior. We want to be a presence that shows that we have a happy personal connection to our schools and scholars in a meaningful way. Thus, the Ombuds team connected with the Cleveland Public Library (CPL) and their Youth Services Department. CPL agreed to visit the administrative building monthly to engage with our families. This includes reading to our scholars, engaging in an activity, or making sure our scholars know about library resources.

    The experiences have been worthwhile. Imagine our joy when scholars expressed, " This is the best day ever, or this is the best field trip ever!" We are sure that the students that have visited us so far, from Warner Girls Leadership Academy, Campus International, Clark, and Bolton, will remember the H.E.A.R.T that was shown from Central Office and the Customer Experience Team! Concluding each visit, the students are gifted a book of their very own and even small gifts.

    Please take a second to enjoy the moments that were captured during our scholars' visits. If you have a school in mind that would appreciate visiting Central Office for a meaningful and memorable experience, please connect with Tammara Hill and or Tommiesha Winston with the Customer Experience Team!

  • Remember, people (even little ones) will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel!