• CMSD has invested in Communicate with Heart, a proven customer experience model whose components include  upfront customer service delivery (Smile and greet warmly, Tell your name, role and what to expect, Active listening and assistance, Rapport and relationship building, and Thank the person) and a service recovery model for responding to a problem (Hear, Empathize, Apologize, Respond, Thank). 

    We are excited to announce today, that 16 employees who were nominated by YOU are being recognized as HEART CHAMPIONS. 

    Please join us in saluting these CMSD Educators, selected for their exceptional customer service delivery, as our newest class of HEART Champions. We also celebrate those receiving honorable mention.  

    Thank you, CMSD, for being attuned to our customer experience goals and creating memorable experiences!


    Julie Ballas Physical Therapist Luis Munoz Marin K-8 Karen Blackshire Intervention Specialist
    Kathryn Baltas Assistant Principal Wilbur Wright K-8 Elizabeth Whelan Intervention Specialist
    Rebecca Bell Student Resource Coordinator School of One @ John Marshall Campus Angeline Sulak Crisis Manager
    Jessica Brown Paraprofessional Luis Munoz Marin K-8 Stephanie DeFelicibus Intervention Specialist
    Elizaida Caraballo Specialist Intake & Registration Multilingual Multicultural Education / Thomas Jefferson Loretta James Director, Strategic Projects (Academics)
    Ivette Colon Routing & Planning Specialist Transportation / Ridge Road Depot Susan Dolin Teacher 
    Lorraine Conahan Instructional Aide, PCIA Riverside K-8 Antoinette Reno Teacher
    Ross Fertel Homeless Associate Project ACT / Student Services Lisa Black Student Coordinator
    Evelyn Holmes Executive Assistant Academics Lesley Wilkins-Valentine Director, Charter Schools
    Syrnitta Lee School Secretary John Hay Campus / School of Architecture & Design Recellanese Williams Paraprofessional
    Kathleen Musbach Life Skills Coach Project ACT / AJ Rickoff K-8 Kelly Westfall Teacher
    Vanessa Nelson Educational Aide School of One @ East Tech Anthony L. Simeone Teacher
    Katy Perhay Teacher - Secondary Science Lincoln West - School of Science and Health Carol RapnickiJuliet King Community StakeholderPrincipal
    James Powell, Sr. Security Officer Safety & Security / Albert B. Hart Debra Leahy School Secretary
    Samuel Roman Principal Luis Munoz Marin K-8 Maggie Galaszewski Teacher
    Angeline Sulak Crisis Manager Project ACT / Student Services Lisa Black Student Coordinator
    Honorable Mention Recognition:
    Educator/Nominee Title Location Nominator Title
    Eva Blount Paraprofessional East Technical HS Jenetta James Intervention Specialist
    Famika Bonner Instructional Aide Marion C. Seltzer K-8 Meghan BujnakJustine Allen TeacherTeacher
    Delarisia Bruce Assistant Principal Mary M. Bethune K-8 Gino Harris Security Officer
    Malinda Coleman Paraprofessional Whitney M. Young PreK-8 Carmen Woody Teacher
    Tiffany Foote School Secretary Mary B. Martin K-8 Tracy Reid Teacher
    Brenda Gibson Dispatcher Transportation Erica McLain Office Assistant II
    Anita Giusto Teacher Andrew J. Rickoff Angela Oliverio Teacher
    Connie Gourley Teacher Harvey Rice Robert James Teacher
    Aline House-Johnson Chief Secretary Campus International High School Sarah Schneider Manager, College and Career Success
    Renee Michalosky Contractor Instructional Technology Oskar Flach Instructional Technology
    Terrence Rosco Dean of Engagement Campus International South Theresa Covarrubia LPN 
    Angel Santana Student Account Buhrer Dual Language Rochelle Schiffbauer School Secretary
    Eric Taylor Executive Director, Transportation Ridge Road Depot Erica McLain Office Assistant II
    Justine Tinline School Secretary Tremont Montessori K-8 Kimberly Chapman-Brown Paraprofessional
    Lon Willis Contractor Instructional Technology Jamal Keith Contractor, Instructional Technology
    Shanel Woodruff School Secretary Adlai Stevenson K-8 Michael J. Houser Policy and Labor Liaison
    Marcia Zashin Director Project ACT Jason Smith Data Analyst Manager