• 2023-2024 3rd Quarter HEART Champions



    • There was a total of 51 HEART Champion nominations for this quarter.
    • Of those nominations, 21 CMSD educators were named as CHAMPIONS!
    • These educators represent a diverse range of roles within the district. Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Bilingual Instruction, Integrated Health, Family Support Specialist, Curriculum and Instruction, Food Nutrition Services and School Leader/Principal.
    • NOTE: for the first time we are recognizing a school-based team (William Cullen Bryant) with the HEART Champion Award!


    HEART Champion

    Role/ Location


    Role/ Location

    Kaylee Brown

    Paraprofessional MD/AU

    Benjamin Franklin

    Patricia Gunvalsen

    Director (CLAS) Academics

    Anthony Caserio

    Teacher/Secondary Math

    Glenville High School

    Kimberly Golphin

    CMSD Educator/Parent

    Anna Castillo

    Bilingual Instructional Aide


    Jennifer Lujan

    Teacher, (6-8)

    Sherrell Germany-Clark

    Guidance Counselor

    East Tech

    Renee Lancaster

    Guidance Counselor

    Kathleen Collins

    Teacher Intervention

    William Cullen Bryant

    Josilin Philibert

    Intervention Specialist (CD)

    Cynthia Elliott

    Teacher, Primary (1-3)

    Carrie Dewitt

    Teacher, Grade 3

    Kelly Eucker

    Lead Driver II

    Cuyahoga Heights Depot

    Michelle Rodriguez Martinez

    Program Manager K-12

    Elliot Koch

    Curriculum & Instruction Specialist

    William Cullen Bryant

    Josilin Philibert

    Teacher, Speech & Hearing Therapist

    Betty Kucinski

    Accounts Payable Specialist

    1111 Superior-Finance

    Bonnie Sonich

    Administrative Legal Manager

    Natalie Langner

    Building SLP

    William Cullen Bryant

    Josilin Philibert

    Teacher, Speech & Hearing Therapist

    Anna Lucero

    Teacher, English

    William Cullen Bryant

    Josilin Philibert

    Teacher, Speech & Hearing Therapist

    Tiffany Mayhugh

    School Nurse


    Della Garrison

    Principal Secretary

    Amy Mobley


    William Cullen Bryant

    Josilin Philibert

    Teacher, Speech & Hearing Therapist

    Rebecca Nester

    Assistant Lunchroom Manager


    Maureen Anderson

    Physical Education Teacher K-8

    Tricia Page

    Teacher Primary (1-3)

    AJ Rickoff

    Jennifer Caldwell

    Intervention Specialist

    Amill Rivera

    Instructional Aide, PCIA

    Davis Aerospace & Maritime

    Darlene Burks

    Teacher (English grade 9)

    Glenda Sealy

    Teacher Middle School (6-8)

    Samira Farraj

    Teacher 6-8

    Seena Shanoof

    Educational Aide, K-8

    Tremont Montessori

    David Spanos, RN

    Registered School Nurse

    Ivelisse Velazquez

    Bilingual Paraprofessional


    Catlin Franc

    Teacher K-8

    Gloria Wilson

    Family Support Specialist

    William Cullen Bryant

    Josilin Philibert

    Teacher, Speech & Hearing Therapist

    Catherine Zak

    Substitute teacher

    Lincoln-West Global Studies

    Maggie Galaszewski

    Teacher, Physical Education and Health 7-12

  • The Special Ed Team at William Cullen Bryant: Kathleen Collins - Teacher Intervention Specialist / Anna Lucero - Teacher, English / Gloria Wilson - Family Support Specialist. / Elliot Koch - Curriculum & Instruction Specialist. / Natalie Langner - Building Speech and Language Pathologist / Amy Mobley - Principal

  • Rebecca Nester - Assistant Lunchroom Manager at Douglas MacArthur Girls' Leadership Academy

  • Cynthia Elliot, Primary Teacher at Wilbur Wright

  • Glenda Sealy, Middle School Teacher at Garield

  • Catherine Zak, Substitute Teacher at Lincoln-West School of Global Studies

  • Kaylee Brown, Paraprofessional at Benjamin Franklin

  • Tiffany Mayhugh, School Nurse at Almira

  • Anna Castillo, Bilingual Instructional Aide at Halle

  • Ivelisse Valazques, Bilingual Paraprofessional

  • Betty Kucinski, Accounts Payable Specialist in Finance

  • Seena Shanoof, Paraprofessional in Early Childhood Education/PreK at Tremont Montessori

  • Kelly Eucker, Bus Driver from Cuyahoga Heights Depot

  • Tricia Page, Primary Teacher at AJ Rickoff

  • Sherrell Germany-Clark, School Counselor at East Tech High School

  • Amill Rivera, PCIA at Davis Aerospace & Maritime High School