• Scope of Work

    Community Agency will:

    • Provide information for CA contact person, including the name, title, phone, pager, e-mail, and fax numbers. All service providers must have appropriate licensure/certification for the service they are providing.
    • Provide a detailed program/service description and documentation of evidence based, if applicable. If program is not evidence based please provide evaluation information used to measure/monitor the program/service.
    • Identify CMSD objective(s) addressed (i.e. attendance, reduced discipline referrals, reduced office referrals, academics, etc.).
    • Describe the program/service target population, agency capacity, time frame for delivery, funding plan, including whether the program/service is grant funded.
    • In consultation, with DHW, identify specific school(s) in which program/service will be provided, as well as the days and times of delivery.
    • Ensure that all personnel working directly with students receive a background check that complies with CMSD's requirements.
    • For prevention/intervention services delivered to students, complete CMSD's "Provider Service Review Form" for each student to whom services are provided and submit completed form to DHW.
    • Submit quarterly reports in the format provided by CMSD by deadlines established by DHW.
    • Meet with and/or consult with DHW as circumstances indicate.
    • Give at least one month's advance notice when requesting a letter of support from CMSD for continuing or future funding of approved program/service.

    The Department of Humanware will:

    • Enter CA information into the database and keep database current.
    • Provide CA with information for a contact person within DHW, including phone, pager, e-mail, and fax numbers.
    • Ensure CA compliance with requirements of background checks.
    • Meet with CA as circumstances indicate to improve/enhance service/program provision.
    • Collect quarterly reports and otherwise regularly monitor CA provision of program/service.
    • Provide letters of support when indicated by CA service history through the Office of Institutional Development.