• Fuel Education FAQ Sheet

    How do I access Fuel Education ("FuelEd")?

    Enter Peak.getfueled.com in your browser. You may want to add this web address to your "Bookmark" or “Favorites” in the browser. 

    How will I get my FuelEd login information?

    Request your login from Alicia Moore.  You will receive an email from “peaksupport” with your login information. 

    How do I link students to my account?

    ALWAYS, ALWAYS search for students. Click the “User” link on the purple dashboard in PEAK Office. Click on the magnifying glass icon or click on "Search/Manager Users" on the purple tool bar. Enter the student’s first or last name in the fields on the next screen. Press the “enter” key on your keyboard or click the “magnifying” glass to search for students.
    Contact Alicia Moore if the student you are searching for does not appear in PEAK Office and prior to creating the account. This procedure will help to reduce the number of multiple accounts for a student. 

    How do I access PEAK OFFICE?

    You will enter your username and password from the “peaksupport” email containing your login information into the second portal (purple “peak” button) after you access the website, peak.getfueled.com.  

    How do I access Brightspace or PEAK Library?

    You will enter your username and password from the “peaksupport” email containing your login information into the first portal after you access the website, peak.getfueled.com.  

    What is the process for getting courses in my Fuel Ed Brightspace account?

    1. For non-Credit Recovery teachers interested in blended learning, full course instruction or Differentiated Lessons, request the FuelEd PEAK Course catalog or the Differentiated Lessons spreadsheet located on this webpage or from Alicia Moore (alicia.moore@clevelandmetroschools.org) who will send you the documents and instructions.
    2. Submit the completed form to Alicia Moore.  You will be contacted when the courses have been loaded to your Brightspace account. 

    What do I have to do if I enroll a student in a non-Credit Recovery, non-CMSD teacher-led course?

    Your principal must approve the enrollment of a student into a non-Credit Recovery course. The school secretary will then create a purchase order.  When the district receives the invoice, a copy of the charges incurred will be forwarded to the school secretary who will "receive" the PO.