• Students excel using Online Learning Lab

    Posted by CMSD Communications on 11/28/2016

    Online Learning Lab Todd Gorius, mentor at Max Hayes, Online learning lab, shows the data wall for his students this quarter. Each football is a course the student has completed with a passing grade.

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  • A student success story...

    Posted by CMSD Communications on 4/4/2016

    Mr. Little When I got to high school I didn’t take anything serious, and it came back to haunt me as a senior, but thanks to Credit Recovery, I was able to get back on track and graduate. I want to thank Mrs. Williamson, for pushing me when I felt like giving up, Mr. Clemons, for helping throughout my Credit recovery classes, and my mom, for always believing that I could finish. It was hard, but I did it!

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  • Student earns first complete course

    Posted by CMSD Communications on 3/10/2016
    Fuel Ed Congratulations Sierra for being the first student in Mr. Gardner's group to complete a course.
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