• Office of Academics

    The Office of Academics' mission is to support and develop the learning opportunities for our students, community, and staff. Our belief is that through data, curriculum, social emotional learning, and school selection we will be able to meet the needs of our diverse learners to achieve academic excellence in college and careers. 



    Lisa Farmer-Cole

    Deputy Chief, School Autonomy

    Valentina Moxon

    Deputy Chief, School Supports 

    Network Leaders

    Jacky Brown - L.I.F.T. Network
    Almira, Bolton, East Clark, Glenville HS, Harvey Rice Wraparound, Kenneth Clement BLA*, Mary M. Bethune, Memorial, Michael R. White, Miles, New Tech Collinwood, Patrick Henry, Wade Park, Walton, Wilbur Wright and Willow.
    Erin Frew - S.T.E.A.M. Network
    Andrew J. Rickoff, Charles A. Mooney, Charles DIckens, Dike School of Arts, East Tech HS, Garrett Morgan, Hannah Gibbons, Jane Addams BCC, Martin Luther King Jr. Campus, Hax S. Hayes HS, Miles Park, Nathan Hale, Newton D. Baker School of Arts, Orchard and Washington Park Environmental Studies. 
    Jeffrey Graham - Best Practices Network
    Artemus Ward, Buhrer Dual Language, Clark, Daniel E. Morgan, Euclid Park, High Tech Academy, International Newcomers Academy, Iowa-Maple, Joseph M. Gallagher, Marion C. Seltzer, Robinson G. Jones, Scranton and Willson.
    Paul Hoover - Redesign Network
    Alfred Benesch, Anton Grdina, Case, Charles W. Eliot, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Fullerton, H. Barbara Booker, Luis Muñoz Marín, Mound, Oliver H. Perry, Robert H. Jamison, Sunbeam, Waverly and WIlliam Rainey Harper.
    Andrew Koonce - Achievement Network
    Adlia E. Stevenson, Benjamin Franklin, Clara E. Westropp, Denison, George W. Carver, James . Garfield, Louis Agassiz, Louisa M. ALcott, Marion-Sterling, Mary B. Martin, Paul Dunbar, Tremont Montesori and WIlliam Cullen Bryant.
    Lorenzo Russell - Portfolio Network 
    Bard High School Early College East & West, Campus International High School, Cleveland High School for Digital Arts, Cleveland School of the Arts, Davis Aerospace & Maritime High School, James Ford Rhodes High School, John Adams High School, John Adams College & Career Academy, JFK E³agle, JFK PACT, John Marshall School of Civic & Business Leadership, John Marshall School of Engineering, John Marshall School of Informational Technology, Lincoln-West High School, Lincoln-West School of Global Studies, Lincoln-West School of Science & Health, Rhodes College & Career Academy, Rhodes School of Environmental Studies and Whitney M. Young Leadership Academy.
    Janet Tribble - Innovative Network
    Campus International, Cleveland Early College High School, Cleveland School of Architecture & Design, Cleveland School of Science & Medicine, Design Lab Early College, Douglas MacArthur GLA*, Facing History New Tech High School, Ginn Academy, MC²STEM, New Tech East, New Tech West, Riverside, Valley View BLA*, and Warner GLA*.
    * BLA = Boys' Leadership Academy, GLA= Girls' Leadership Academy

    Executive Directors

    Jessica Baldwin, Special Education and Intervention Services
    Email  |  216.838.0217
    Joseph Micheller, New School Development
    Email  |  216.838.0156
    Elizabeth Nelson-Creel, Curriculum & Instruction
    Email  |  216.838.0296
    Bill Stencil, Humanware
    Email  |  216.838.0419
    Nicole Vitale, Early Childhood and PK-12 Literacy
    Email  |  216.838.0234