Tracey Bellum, A.J. Rickoff

    Nominated By: India Richmond, Teacher

    Ms. Bellum is the “Saving Grace” of A.J. Rickoff. A particular indication of her Responding with H.E.A.R.T. was when she entered a classroom where a student was shouting to the top of his lungs because he wanted something from another student. The student was swinging and kicking at the teacher—me. Once in the room, Ms. Bellum calmly asked me to continue teaching as she escorted the disgruntled student out of the room, and gradually, in a caring manner, brought him under control. The type of ease Ms. Bellum demonstrated in this isolated example is the kind of demeanor she exhibits throughout the building on a consistent basis.


    Andrew Roman, Esq., Legal Department

    Nominated By: Corky Terwilliger

    On several occasions I’ve noticed the caring way Andrew interacts with the parents of students with disabilities. I know that he has spent countless hours working with parents of students with disabilities. Employing S.T.A.R.T. with Heart techniques, I’ve seen Andrew address parents with a warm greeting before Actively Listening to their needs and concerns. Typically he will end the encounter thanking the parents for sharing their concerns, and will provide a clear outline of the next steps.


    Reneka Woods, IT

    Nominated By: Tracy Reid

    I nominated Ms. Woods as a Heart Champion in the way in which she helped me and several colleagues wade through a troubling series of technology issues. Employing excellent customer service, Ms. Woods went beyond our expectations in flawlessly giving us access to our accounts, and did so in a pleasant, professional manner.


    Carly Kuznik, Special Education

    Nominated By: Anonymous

    Parma City Schools had been requesting several documents from the Special Education Department but they went unfulfilled because a fellow staff person was behind in meeting records requests. The Parma representative was growing more agitated with each request call. Learning of the issue, Carly went outside of her job title as a Solution Specialist, found and sent the 25 student records requested. Parma was so pleased that they sent Carly “thank you” cupcakes.


    Eric Elder, Whitney Young

    Nominated By: Principal, Karen Byron-Johnson

    Since June, 2015 Whitney Young has shared a building with Citizens Academy Southeast, a Breakthrough School absorbing its 225 students—kindergarten through 3rd Grade. The two schools share a cafeteria, gymnasium, parking lots, and an auditorium. During this two-year accommodation, Ms. Elder has maintained both buildings in an excellent manner. If there were any physical structure concerns, Mr. Elder responded immediately displaying a courteous, professional demeanor. Despite occasional gruff demands from our neighboring administration, Mr. Elder kept his cool and responded to the requests with a smile. We’ve lost five sub-cleaners, and the head cleaner took a Leave of Absence adding to Mr. Elder’s load. None of this has stopped Mr. Elder from assuring that Whitney Young’s 33 classrooms, the 15 in the Academy plus ancillary offices and restrooms were cleaned and ready for instruction the next day. He takes outstanding care of our buildings, staff and scholars.

    Carmen M. Torres, International Newcomers Academy (T.Jefferson)

    Nominated By: Director, Jose Gonzalez

    I have witnessed Carmen go out of her way to assist colleagues at the Multi-Lingual Office and other District staff members. On this particular day, a snapshot of her responsiveness, Carmen encountered a couple in the Center frustrated by failed attempts to get obtain dual services—Multi-Lingual and Special Education for their child. Taking uninterrupted time to clearly listen to the parents’ concern and their need, Carmen, within 20 minutes contacted the appropriated CMSD staff member resulting in the requested dual placement, and additionally provided other relevant material and supplies needed to begin the new school year.


    Other employees that were nominated:
    CMSD employee/title Location/Department
    Shelly B. Johnson Special Education
    Raychelle Fair
    Parent Mentor
    Special Education
    David Staufeneger
    Project Manager, Special Projects
    Human Resources/Employment
    Linda Leverett
    John F Kennedy Interactive Media
    Francis Brewka H. Barbara Booker
    Irene Lapiejko
    Educational Assistant
    School Of One @ Nathaniel Hawthorne
    Carol Pennington
    Nurse Manager
    Health Services & Nursing
    Ms.Loniece Lee Miles Park
    Jermel Johnson Human Resources/Employment
    Marsha Bailey Transportation
    Sheryl Edwards
    Math and Technology Teacher
    Cleveland School of Science and Medicine
    Laurie Maldonado
    First Grade Teacher
    Louisa May Alcott
    Cheryl A. Shelton
    Professional Development Administrator
    Office of Professional Development
    Angela Barnett Finance Department
    Michele Edelbergs
    Principal Secretary
    Jean Martincic
    Assistant EMIS Coordinator
    Technology/Help Desk
    Richard Buehner Academic Resources
    Remea Bynum Technology/Help Desk
    Lucy M. Torres
    Principal Secretary
    Thomas Jefferson International Newcomers Academy
    Latonya Ross (Shazor) Miles Park
    Margareite Hunt Smith
    Administrative Specialist
    Academic Resources
    Carol Williams Other
    Dr. Irene Javier
    High School Principal
    Lincoln-West School of Global Studies
    Linda Berkopec Max S. Hayes High School
    Cynthia Fisher
    Administrative Assistant
    William C Martin Finance Department
    Janice Russell
    New Tech West
    Irene Lapiejko
    School Of One @ Nathaniel Hawthorne
    Ms. Tracy Jackson
    School Secretary
    Nathan Hale
    Recellanese Williams Academics
    Milagros Ortiz
    Luis Munoz Marin
    Crystal Galbreath Whitney M. Young Leadership Academy
    Kimberly Norris
    Student Services
    Carol Williams
    Network Barrier Breaker
    Mrs. Della Garrison Almira
    Christine Peterlin East Clark
    Kim Greytak John Marshall High School
    Walneisha Collins Sunbeam
    Elizabeth Nelson
    Director of Core Curriculum
    Curriculum and Instruction
    Eileen Stull
    Louisa May Alcott
    Carol L. Williams
    Barrier Breaker
    Kenneth Dielman
    Intervention Specialist
    Natasha Rivers Safety & Security
    Andre Lykes
    Cash Management Specialist
    Finance Department
    Lisa Fitzpatrick Denison
    Julia Alldredge Special Education
    Justine Lance
    School Of One @ Nathaniel Hawthorne
    Julia Alldredge
    Solution Specialist
    Special Education
    Gracie Cole
    Manager of Employee Benefits
    Officer Jorge Rosario
    Security Officer
    Newton D. Baker School of Arts
    Walter Smith Finance Department
    Keyana Chandler Safety & Security
    Jean Marticik Technology/Help Desk
    Brynn Morris
    Charles A. Mooney
    Beverly Potter
    Dean of Engagement
    Cleveland School of Science and Medicine
    Larry Bolgar
    New and Innovative/Portfolio Schools
    Sarah Zurbrugg Academics
    Donna D'Amico Walton
    Gloria Mason Orchard STEM
    Rita Duda
    ELA Manager, 6-12
    Louise Herrington
    Charles A. Mooney
    Sinthia Viera
    Spanish Teacher
    Facing History New Tech High School
    Leah Smith
    School Secretary
    Anton Grdina
    Frankie Bolden Patrick Henry
    Angelia J Houston New Tech @ Collinwood
    Marianne Wolf Special Education
    Kathy Dudley Payroll
    Myka Smalls Student Assignments/Registration
    Donna Yohe
    School Psychologist
    Special Education
    Pam Honsa
    School Psychologist
    Miles Park
    Feowyn MacKinnon
    MC2 STEM Academy
    Debbie Aloshen
    Health Services & Nursing
    Glenn Popil Project Manager - IT
    Lt. James (JC) Cole Safety & Security
    Sgt. Darren Hardnick Safety & Security
    Patrolman Musai Brown Safety & Security