• Other CMSD Staff - School Nutrition FAQ

    I'm interested in having a Nutrition/Wellness education series with my staff and/or students. How can I schedule something like that?

    School Nutrition has two Registered Dietitians and an Executive Chef who specializes in teaching a wide variety of nutrition education and wellness topics. We now have an online form you can fill out with all your information and your requested topic. Someone from School Nutrition will then reach out to you for next steps! The form can be accessed here.

    Can food be provided for after-school activities?

    Yes! School Nutrition can provide you with nutritional snacks that give students the boost they need for supervised, educational after-school activities. To request snacks for your activities, please complete this form and send it via email to our Accounting Coordinator, Anu Soniyi at Anu.Soniyi@clevelandmetroschools.org. If you have any additional questions, more information on the After School Snack Program can be found here.

    How do I order food for District meetings and events?

    The Workday Buyer for your department/school creates an Internal Service Delivery in Workday to request internal catering services. For a step-by-step guide on how to do this or to view the catering menu, please click here.

    Can food be provided for field trips?

    Yes! With our Bag Lunch service, you can request nutritious bag lunches for all types of school day activities, from field day to a class trip to the museum. PLEASE NOTE: Due to supply chain issues throughout the country, requests must be requested at least two weeks in advance of the desired service date. Requesting bag lunches is quick and easy using our online form located here.