Today I am pleased to announce an impressive round of H.E.A.R.T. Champions for the third quarter. The caliber of nominations was outstanding and the task of identifying our Champions is never an easy one. This was especially true yet again for this current selection cycle. The HEART committee shared that this round of difficult selections was among 51 high quality nominations. They all bring their very own unique contributions and impact, be it from colleague-to-colleague or with our scholars and their families. The Communicate with H.E.A.R.T. model stresses that the "role of the Educator, is greater than the tasks associated with his/her job."  In evaluating the submissions, it is notable that the S.T.A.R.T. and H.E.A.R.T. behaviors observed were specifically spelled out in the nominations. We again, broke the record set from last quarter, and our current winners now make up the largest class of Champions awarded to date.

    Eric Gordon

    CEO, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

    Please join me in congratulating our 20 new HEART Champions:




    Karen Blackshire 


    Luis Munoz Marin 

    David Brandt 

    Assistant Custodian 

    Marion C Seltzer 

    Brent Case  

    Action Team Coach 

    1111 Superior 

    Stephen Christian 

    Executive Director, Culture & Total Rewards 

    1111 Superior 

    Aaron Creel 

    Facilities Manager 


    Katie Davis 

    School Secretary 


    Paula Donofrio 

    Project Manager 


    Trevon Edwards 

    College Intern 

    1111 Superior 

    Natasha Jackson 

    Routing Specialist 

    Ridge Road Depot 

    John Keefe 

    Assistant Principal 

    Joseph M. Gallagher 

    Megan J. Kuosman 


    Douglas MacArthur GLA 

    Carl Merriweather  

    Lead Driver II 

    E. 49th Depot 

    Carolyn F. Mizak  


    Lakeside Campus 

    Alicia Moore 

    Project Manager 


    Thomas Ott 

    Director, Assignments 

    1111 Superior 

    Jamie Parker 

    Talent Employee Relations 

    1111 Superior 

    Carol Pennington 

    Interim Director Nursing & Health Services 

    1111 Superior 

    Jose’ Ramos  

    Professional Driver 

    E. 49th Depot 

    Karen Roknich 

    Solution Specialist 

    1111 Superior 

    William Stencil 

    Executive Director of Humanware 

    1111 Superior