• BCF: Citizens Advisory Groups to the Board of Education


    Citizens advisory groups may be established as ad hoc bodies to advise on specifically identified problems or needs to the Board.


    It will be up to the discretion of the Board whether the advisory group should include a Board member and/or District personnel. The group may be dissolved at any time by the Board.


    Meetings shall be held as needed to address the identified problem or needs. When conducting meetings, the advisory group must adhere to Board Policy on notification of meetings.


    Advisory group activities may include any reasonable actions that directly address the identified problems or needs such as collecting data, analyzing data, and making suggestions and/or recommendations based on the findings.

    Minutes, Records, and Reports

    Minutes and/or reports of all meetings held by advisory groups established by the Board shall be maintained subject to public records law.

    Citizen advisory groups to the Board shall include the Audit Committee and the Bond Accountability Commission.

    In lieu of appointing its own business advisory council, the Board has entered into an agreement with the Educational Service Center (ESC) of Northeast Ohio, whereby the ESC’s business advisory council also serves as the Board’s business advisory council.


    • Adopted: October 4, 2001
    • Amended: May 26, 2009
    • Reviewed: October 22, 2019

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