• BDDH: Public Participation


    The public is invited to attend Board meetings. At meetings, the Board will make every effort to create a welcoming environment where the work of the Board is conducted in a manner that is open and understandable to the public.

    The Board values community input and encourages public comment on matters of concern, subject to the guidelines set forth below:

      • Time for Public Comment
        • At Business Meetings, the Board ordinarily provides up to forty minutes for public comment prior to the Board’s consideration of action items. Each speaker may address the Board for up to three minutes during the comment period. Board Work Sessions normally do not include a public comment period unless Board action is anticipated.
      • Who May Address the Board
        • Individuals wishing to address the Board must complete a Request to Speak form, available on the School District website, and submit the completed form no later than 12:00 noon on the day of the Business Meeting. As an alternative to the online form, individuals without access to the internet may call the Board Office phone line to sign up to speak at a Business Meeting. Individuals submitting their Request to Speak online forms or signing up by phone in a timely manner will then be recognized at the Business Meeting and be permitted to address the Board for up to three minutes on the issue indicated on their submitted form. Speakers may not yield any portion of their time to another person who has also signed up to speak at that meeting. Speakers at the Business Meeting may also present to the Board any other materials relevant to their issue.
      • Items for Discussion
        • The Board Chair may arrange the order of speakers based upon the item being discussed. Those speaking on items scheduled for action may be called upon before those speaking on non-action items. Issues raised by the public during the public comment period will be recorded along with the District’s response to the concern.
      • Conduct and Remarks
        • Undue interruption or other interference with the orderly conduct of Board business cannot be allowed. Defamatory or threatening remarks are always out of order. The Board Chair may terminate the speaker’s privilege of address if the speaker, after being called to order, continues to violate the time, place or manner guidelines in this policy.

    The Board Chair may revise these guidelines during a meeting as the Chair determines necessary for the efficient and effective completion of Board business.

    The Board understands that some members of the community are unable to attend Board meetings or would prefer to communicate with the Board in other ways. In recognition of this, the Board welcomes community participation and feedback through a variety of means including community meetings, letters, e-mail messages, and telephone calls. Information on how to contact the Board, a schedule of the Board’s meetings, and minutes from recent meetings are posted on the District website and available in the Board office.


      • Adopted: October 4, 2001
      • Amended: May 26, 2009
      • Reviewed: October 22, 2019
      • Amended: October 24, 2023

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