• BI: Board Member Code of Conduct


    While serving as a member of the Board of Education, I will accept the responsibility to improve education. To accomplish that I will:

    • Remember that my first and greatest concern must be the educational welfare of all students attending the public schools
    • Obey the laws of Ohio and the United States
    • Not disclose privileged or confidential information acquired as a Board member
    • Recognize that as an individual Board member I have no authority to speak or act for the Board;
    • Work with other members to establish effective Board policies
    • Delegate authority for the administration of the schools to the Chief Executive Officer and staff;
    • Encourage ongoing communications among Board members, the Board, students, staff, and the community
    • Render all decisions based on the available facts and my independent judgment rather than succumbing to the influence of individuals or special interest groups
    • Make every effort to attend all Board meetings
    • Become informed concerning the issues to be considered at each meeting
    • Improve my boardmanship by studying educational issues and by participating in in-service programs
    • Support the employment of staff members based on qualifications and not as a result of influence
    • Cooperate with other Board members and administrators to establish a system of regular and impartial evaluations of all staff
    • Avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof
    • Refrain from using my Board position for benefit of myself, family members or business associates
    • Express my personal opinions but, once the Board has acted, accept the will of the majority


    • Adopted: May 26, 2009
    • Reviewed: October 22, 2019