• DD: Funding Proposals and Applications


    Pursuant to duly enacted Resolutions of the Board, the Chief Executive Officer is vested with the authority to submit grant proposals and accept grant funds on behalf of the District. The Chief Executive Officer is further vested with the authority to implement the terms of approved grant proposals.

    Pursuant to the authority vested in the Chief Executive Officer, and subject to the availability of funds and the terms of the grant award, the Chief Executive Officer and his/her designee are responsible for the following:

    • Entering into contracts with service providers
    • Paying expenditures specified and approved in the grant proposals
    • Working to keep grant accounting records current
    • Various other administrative practices necessary for the proper and orderly administration of grants received.

    The District participates to the maximum of its eligibility in the use of funds provided by the State of Ohio for the educational benefit of its students.

    The Chief Executive Officer shall regularly report to the Board regarding grants. The reports should include information on expenditures approved and assessment of the programs, services or materials funded by grant proposals.


    • Adopted: April 24, 2001
    • Reviewed: December 17, 2019

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