• DJH: Credit Cards


    The Board of Education recognizes the efficiency and convenience afforded the day-to-day operation of the School District through the use of credit cards under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer an/or designee.  However, credit cards are not to be used to circumvent the general purchasing procedures required by State law and Board policies.

    The Board authorizes the Chief Executive Officer and/or designee to review available credit card accounts to determine which account and account provider best meets the needs of the School District.  The Chief Executive Officer and/or designee will determine how many accounts, cards and checks are to be issued, and establish a process for credit card reissuance or cancellation.

    • The District name must appear on each card and/or check associated with the credit card account. The maximum credit card account limit is $5,000,000.00. The Chief Financial Officer provides an annual report to the Board detailing all rewards received based on use of the credit card account.
    • All credit cards issued to and in the name of the District are held and supervised by the Chief Financial Officer and used only for purposes authorized by this policy.
    • Credit cards may only be used by the following individuals: the Chief Financial Officer and the Deputy Chief Financial Officer.
    • Credit cards may be used for District-related transportation, reservations and expenses, conference registrations and hotel reservation guarantees for the Board and staff. Such expenses are subject to the reimbursement limits established by the Board.
    • With prior approval of the Chief Executive Officer and/or designee, credit cards may be used by school employees for school-related purchases from a vendor who does not accept purchase orders or vouchers.
    • All credit card statements are sent directly to the Chief Executive Officer’s office. The Chief Executive Officer and/or designee keeps a record of all credit card use.
    • All authorized users must immediately report loss or theft of the District credit card to the Chief Executive Officer and/or designee who will immediately contact the credit card issuer.

    The use of the credit card for the following items is considered unauthorized use and classified as credit card misuse:

    • Expenditures not specifically authorized by this policy
    • Purchase of personal goods or services for an administrator, an administrator’s spouse, children or anyone employed or not employed by the Board and attending a District business function
    • Payment of any fines, penalties or personal liabilities incurred by the administrator or anyone else
    • Alcoholic beverages or tobacco
    • Fuel for use in a personal vehicle
    • Entertainment expenses, including pay-per-view movie charges
    • Cash advances

    Persons using a credit card for personal, nonauthorized purposes or undocumented expenditures shall be held personally responsible for those expenditures.  Misuse of the credit card is subject to disciplinary procedures, including termination.  An employee or officer of the Board who knowingly misuses a District credit card account also is in violation of State criminal law.


    • Adopted: January 22, 2019
    • Amended: December 17, 2019

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