• DJB: Petty Cash Accounts


    The Board authorizes the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and/or their designee to create petty cash accounts allowing certain administrators to request monies for purchases relating to District purposes. The CEO shall designate who can use the accounts, the amount of money that may be placed in the accounts as well as the procedures and requirements for requesting monies and replenishing the accounts.

    Account access is limited to only those individuals who have a job-related need to use these accounts.  Any person using the accounts must keep a written log, which is to be turned in each year to the appropriate department.

    Annually, the CEO and/or their designee establishes the amount of money to be placed in the accounts. The CEO and/or their designee’s approval is needed to replenish the accounts. No major purchases may be made from the accounts.

    Any administrator who ignores procedures and does not take prudent measures to ensure that proper security is maintained, may be held personally liable for losses.


    • Adopted: May 16, 2002
    • Amended: December 17, 2019

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