• DGA: Authorized Signatures


    The Chief Financial Officer’s signature is used on checks, drafts, warrant-checks, vouchers and other orders on public funds deposited in designated depositories.

    The Chief Financial Officer’s authorizes these designated depositories to honor any instrument bearing the Chief Financial Officer’s facsimile signature in a form as he/she may designate and to charge the same to the account as fully as though it bore a manually written signature.

    A facsimile signature includes, but is not limited to, the reproduction of any authorized signature by a copper plate or a photographic, photostatic or mechanical device.  The Chief Financial Officer’s must notify the designated depositories, in writing, a description of the device used to produce the facsimile signature and a sample of the signature.

    The Board purchases a surety bond to protect the loss of any public funds.


    • Adopted: December 17, 2019

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