• DJ: Purchasing Objectives


    The District’s goals with respect to its purchasing policies are as follows:

    • To establish an acquisition process created from sound business practices that will support the requirements of the students and staff of the Cleveland Municipal Schools
    • To maintain a financially healthy, competitive and reliable base of suppliers, which will provide the materials and services necessary to support the District
    • To maximize the value of dollars expended by the District on materials and services through the incorporation of technology enhancements and sound pricing philosophies


    • Ensure the uninterrupted flow of materials, supplies and services. To obtain and ensure delivery of quality merchandise and services at the right price
    • Develop reliable alternate sources of suppliers to meet District requirements
    • Treat all prices and technical information submitted by suppliers confidentially prior to the bid opening in order to preserve a good business reputation and obtain competitive prices
    • Establish consistent terms and standards to minimize user and supplier disputes
    • Resolve complaints on purchased materials and services procured by the District
    • Provide leadership in the standardization of materials, supplies, equipment, services and procedures
    • Dispose of all materials and equipment declared to be surplus or obsolete in accordance with State and District Regulations
    • Achieve full compliance with Ohio Revised Code regulations and statutes, contract terms and conditions and obligations implied by law

    The Purchasing Division will be responsible for initiating and maintaining effective and professional relationships with present and potential supplier. The Purchasing Division is the functional division through which all requests regarding prices and products are handled. The Purchasing Division will administer all formal bids, proposals and quotations for materials and services equal to or greater than $50,000.

    Negotiations with suppliers are to be handled in a professional and ethical manner by the appropriate district purchasers within their delegated authority. All employees involved in purchasing activities will work to enhance the image and integrity of the District. All employees engaged in purchasing activities will recognize and practice good public relations by giving all callers and visitors courteous treatment.

    Supplier selection and products will adhere to procurement regulations and the polices of the District.

    District purchasers will seek to obtain and purchase all goods at the lowest overall cost, consistent with service, quality and delivery. District purchasers have the responsibility to inform requisitioners whenever the quantity or specifications of materials ordered are inconsistent with sound purchasing practices and/or market conditions.

    Purchasing Records

    • The Purchasing Division will comply with the District’s Record Retention Policy.
    • An Approved Supplier List will be maintained in a current status at all times.
    • A current record shall be maintained of all term agreements and contracts. All Board approved contracts will be maintained on file for a period of no less than ten (10) years after contract completion. The CFO will maintain the original contract.
    • All other records shall be maintained as deemed necessary and in the manner established by the Purchasing Director.


    • Adopted: May 16, 2002
    • Amended: December 17, 2019

    Legal References