• 2021 SY School Nutrition Operational Profile

    Statistical Information:

    • Operating budget: $25 million
    • Purchased food budget: $7 million
    • Supplies budget: $600,000
    • Equipment budget: $750,000
    • Food cost per meal: ~$1.50
      • Entree: $.70
      • Fruit/Vegetable: $.40 ($.20/serving)
      • Grain/Bread: $.10-$.20
      • Milk: $.20

    District Information:

    • CEP (Community Eligibility Provision) District (more information on this here)
    • A la Carte Sales in High Schools Only
    • Supper Program in 3 pilot sites
    • Not peanut-free District, however, no open source peanuts. All peanut-containing items wrapped in packaging.

    Free & Reduced Price Meal Eligibility:

    • 87% of Cleveland's 37,000 students are eligible for free and reduced price meals 

    Participation Data:

    Based on the 18-19 School year due to COVID-19:

    • Breakfast Average Daily Participation:19,200 students
    • Lunch Average Daily Participation: 28,000 students
    • Average 47,200 meals served per day
    • Average 8.1 million meals served per year 


    • School Nutrition focuses on 3 criteria for menu items. All new items should meet at least 2 of the 3 criteria for serious consideration:
      • Handheld
      • Bold flavor
      • Customizable
      • Click here to check out our menus.

    Key Purchasing Initiatives:

    • Identify origin of purchased products for purposes of tracking food miles
    • To the extent allowed by law, give preference to goods and services produced within the state of Ohio when all things are equal with competing offers
    • Increase purchases from Ohio farmers to the extent allowed by law
    • Clean label initiative to reduce or eliminate the following:
      • Artificial preservatives
      • No trans fats
      • Artificial sweeteners
      • Antibiotics and hormones in chicken, beef and other animal products
    • Purchase products grown and produced using sustainable practices
    • Food as close to its natural form as possible (minimally processed)
    • Food with minimal ingredients
    • Assist with implementation of District-wide wellness policy and administrative directives 

    Food Production:

    • On-site food production (85 kitchens) 

    Delivery Requirements:


    Delivery Site







    As needed

    Fresh Produce 

    Schools/Central Warehouse


    Dry Groceries 



    Frozen Food 



    Disposable Supplies 

    Schools/Central Warehouse



    Sales Call Policy:

    • Appointment required (Please do not send samples as a cold call)
    • Samples accepted during the initial sales meeting
    • Preferred day/time of sales calls: 
      • Tuesday - Friday 9a-10a or 1:30p-2:30p
    • The following product documentation needs to be provided for each item when making a sales call:
      • CN Label
      • Nutrition facts
      • Ingredient list
      • Approximate price per serving