• JHF: Student Safety


    The District develops and maintains a safety instruction program for all students. Safety instruction includes:

    • Establishing appropriate safety rules
    • Learning how to practice safety and prevent accidents
    • Learning how to safely use and properly care for tools and equipment to reduce the potential for accidents
    • Becoming familiar with personal protection devices and the proper clothing to be worn for safety purposes
    • Learning how to cooperate with others in the promotion and operation of a safety program in the school and school vehicles
    • Instructing students not to accept gifts or rides from strangers and to tell staff members, parents, or law enforcement officials of any suspicious strangers in or around school property
    • Providing instruction in personal safety and assault prevention in grades kindergarten through 6
      • Upon the written request of a parent, a student may be excused from such instruction
    • Providing age-appropriate instruction in dating violence prevention in grades 7-12
    • Arranging instruction in first aid, including a training program in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, safety, and fire prevention.

    In an attempt to further ensure student safety, staff members:

    • Must not send students on errands that would require the student to leave school property or drive a vehicle
    • Must not attempt to diagnose or treat a student’s personal problem relating to sexual behavior, substance abuse, mental or physical health, or family relationships but instead refer the student to the appropriate individual or agency for assistance
    • Must not disclose information concerning a student, other than directory information, to any person not authorized to receive such information
      • This includes, but is not limited to, information concerning assessments, ability scores, grades, behavior, mental or physical health, or family background
    • Must immediately report any suspected signs of child abuse or neglect.

    In addition to instruction in safety, buildings are inspected annually to detect and remedy health and safety hazards. Staff members must immediately report to the building administrator any accident or safety hazard they detect. The Board authorizes and directs the Chief Executive Officer to develop appropriate means for the implementation of this policy.


    • Adopted: September 6, 2001
    • Amended: June 28, 2022

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