• EB: Safety Program


    The District provides for the safety of all students, employees, and school community members present on District property and at District-sponsored events at other sites. The Board directs the administration to develop a safety program, reviewed annually. It requires the administration to implement strategies for disseminating information regarding the safety program to students, staff, parents/guardians, and the public.

    The Chief Operations Officer has responsibility for the safety program of the District and the development of written procedures to comply with all applicable Federal and State laws and regulations.

    The District’s educational program includes safety practices. The educational program provides traffic and pedestrian safety instruction, driver education, fire prevention, in-service training, and emergency procedures geared to students at different grade levels. In-service training includes training on the District’s safety program, including emergency response, crisis management, and building-level safety and emergency plans.

    Emergency Plans

    The District’s Safety Program includes a building-level comprehensive emergency management plan that meets the requirements of Ohio law. No later than July 1 annually, each building administrator confirms the accuracy of their building-level plan. Before the opening day of each school year, building administrators inform students and guardians of the parental notification procedures included in the comprehensive management plan.

    Each school posts emergency procedures in each classroom and other areas accessible to students and school personnel. Drills provide both students and staff with practice in responding to emergency conditions. The district conducts all drills required by Ohio law.

    Each building reviews the Building-Level Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan with appropriate staff on an annual basis.

    Crisis Management

    The District’s Rapid Response Team responds to crises such as student suicide threats and attempts, grief response, and student victimization. The Rapid Response Team includes District designees as determined by the Chief Executive Officer and may consist of external authorities such as police, fire, medical, and mental health personnel.

    Buildings and Grounds Security

    Security includes maintenance of a secure building, protection from fire hazards, faulty equipment, and unsafe practices in the use of electrical, plumbing, and heating equipment. The Chief Operations Officer authorizes examinations of the environmental conditions and operations to determine potential hazards to student and personnel safety and proposes operating changes to prevent potentially dangerous problems and circumstances in the buildings. The Chief Operations Officer, Executive Director of Operations, and the Board cooperate with local police and fire departments, parents, teachers, non-teaching personnel, and insurance company inspectors.

    Access to buildings and grounds outside of regular school hours is limited to individuals attending a properly-authorized event or District personnel whose work requires such access.


    • Adopted: February 1, 2001
    • Amended: February 22, 2022

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