• EEACE: Vehicle Idling


    The Board is committed to safe transportation consistent with the Board’s goal of resource conservation. The Board recognizes that accumulated engine emissions can be harmful to students and drivers. Also, unnecessary engine idling wastes fuel and financial resources. Therefore, the Board prohibits unnecessary engine idling for more than five minutes.

    Exceptions to the idling policy may include:

    • The operator is loading or unloading
    • The outdoor temperature is below thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit or above eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit
    • To prevent a safety or health emergency (i.e., operating defrosters, heaters, air conditioners, or installing equipment)
    • A vehicle forced to idle because of traffic
    • An emergency vehicle is being used in an emergency capacity, in an emergency or training mode, or to maintain communications, and not solely for the convenience of the vehicle operator
    • The operation of a wheelchair lift is required

    This policy applies to all District-owned vehicles, including buses. The Board directs the Chief Operating Officer to develop and maintain regulations to implement this policy.


    • Adopted: February 22, 2022

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