• EEAD: Non-Routine Use of School Buses


    Buses owned by the District are used primarily to transport students and school personnel for school-approved activities. They are available to all classes, groups, or organizations within the schools per the following:

    • The transportation office schedules the use of District-owned buses.
    • Fees for the use of the buses are established and made part of the District regulations.
    • The drivers of the buses must possess valid commercial drivers’ licenses as required by law.
    • The drivers of the buses ensure that the buses are not overloaded, that students conduct themselves in a safe and orderly manner while in the buses, and that the buses are operated safely and lawfully.
    • The drivers of the buses are responsible for reporting in writing to the transportation office the condition of buses, particularly any need for repair or servicing.

    The “non-routine use of school buses” is defined as the transportation of passengers for purposes other than regularly scheduled routes to and from school. School buses may be used for non-routine trips only when the trips do not interfere with routine transportation services and the proper permits, chaperones, and pre-trip inspections are obtained. Approved non-routine uses of school buses include:

    • Trips that are extensions of the instructional program as determined by the District or Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities
    • Trips for the transportation of enrolled students directly participating in school-sponsored events
      • A “school-sponsored event” is defined as any activity in which students are participating and are under the direct supervision and control of a certified staff member or any advisor as designated by the Chief Executive Officer
    • Transporting of students taking part in summer recreation programs when a recreation commission sponsors such programs and there is an agreement between the Board and the recreation commission
    • Trips for transportation of the aged when contracted with a municipal corporation or a public or nonprofit private agency or organization delivering services to the aged
    • Trips for transportation of students and adults as approved by the Board to and from events within the local community which are school or local community-sponsored (such events are open to the public)
    • Emergency evacuation and emergency evacuation drills when such emergencies are declared by state or local directors of emergency disaster services
    • A civil emergency as declared by the governor
    • Transporting school employees engaged in approved employee improvement programs
    • Transportation coordination, to participate with local human service providers in transporting welfare reform participants and those participating in temporary assistance programs


    The District may contract with non-public schools located within the District to make buses available to use for transporting non-public school students to and from school-related activities that would be approved if being offered by a public school to public school students.


    • Adopted: April 24, 2001
    • Amended: February 22, 2022

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