• EEBA: Use of District-Owned Vehicles


    Every employee who drives or operates a District fleet vehicle at any time or who operates any motor vehicle (e.g., employee’s personal vehicle, rental vehicle) on or in the course of District business must strictly  adhere  to  the  following  requirements:

    • The employee must have and maintain at all times, without interruption, a valid driver’s license and the minimum automobile insurance coverage required by Ohio law. Employees are solely responsible for ensuring that their licenses and automobile insurance are properly renewed and maintained.
    • Employees are responsible for ensuring that the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has the employee’s correct mailing address. Employees can notify the BMV of an address change by visiting the BMV website (BMV.Ohio.gov). If the BMV sends notification of a license suspension or other mailing to the address in its records, the employee is responsible for knowledge of the suspension or other matters.
    • If the employee’s driver’s license or insurance is expired, suspended, revoked, or otherwise invalid, the employee shall immediately report this to their immediate supervisor and stop driving on or in the course of District business. The employee’s supervisor, with the concurrence of the Chief Talent Officer or their designee, may allow the employee to resume driving on or in the course of District business upon the employee providing acceptable proof of insurance coverage and driver’s license (or appropriate occupational driving privileges granted by a court of competent jurisdiction). Other conditions may be imposed as appropriate in light of the circumstances of each case.
    • All occupants (including non-employees) of any motor vehicle being used on or in the course of District business are required to wear a safety belt at all times.
    • Employees who are required to transport children on or in the course of District business must follow all applicable Ohio laws regarding the use of car seats or other restraints.
    • Employees must follow all traffic laws and parking regulations. Employees are solely responsible for the cost of any driving or moving infraction or violation, parking tickets, impound charges, towing charges, and/or storage charges incurred while driving a District fleet vehicle or any vehicle on or in the course of District business.
    • The use of alcohol and/or other controlled substances – including a prescription or over-the-counter medication, which may temporarily render an employee unable to operate a vehicle safely – is strictly prohibited.
    • The driver must immediately report all vehicle accidents to their immediate supervisor and the District’s Office of Legal Services.
    • Drivers shall report to their supervisor any citations or tickets received while in a Board vehicle. Drivers are responsible for paying any fines associated with citations or tickets while in a Board vehicle – District funds shall not be used to pay fines.


    • Adopted: March 29, 2022

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