• GA: Personnel Policies Goals


    The personnel employed by the Board are a very important resource for effectively conducting a quality educational program. The District’s program functions best when it employs properly certified or licensed personnel, conducts appropriate staff development activities and establishes policies and working conditions that are conducive to high morale and enable each staff member to make the fullest contribution to District programs and services.

    The goals of the personnel program include:

    • Developing and implementing those strategies and procedures for personnel recruitment, screening and selection, which result in employing the best available candidates: those with the highest capabilities, strongest commitment to quality education and greatest probability of effectively implementing the educational program;
    • Developing a general assignment strategy, which makes the greatest contribution to the educational program, and using it as the primary basis for determining staff assignments;
    • Providing positive programs of staff development designed to contribute both to improvement of the educational program and to each staff member’s career development aspirations;
    • Providing for a genuine team approach to education, including staff involvement in planning, decision making and evaluation;
    • Developing and using for personnel evaluation positive processes that contribute to the improvement of staff capabilities and assist in making employment decisions; and
    • Encouraging all employees to be cognizant of their roles in instilling ethical principles and democratic ideals in all students.


    • Adopted: June 23, 2020