• GBI: Staff Gifts and Solicitations



    The Board authorizes the expenditure of public funds to purchase meals, refreshments and favors tokens of appreciation for employees and Board members in the completion of their responsibilities or retirement. The Board believes that such expenditures are necessary, on occasion, to further a public purpose in the general operation of the District. Such public purpose includes, but may not be limited to, employee development activities, employee recognition activities and certain routine meetings that may be enhanced by such amenities.

    Such Expenditures shall be consistent with the District’s purchasing policy procedures and within the appropriation limits established by the Board.

    Presentation of gifts to, and the arrangement of social affairs for, employees leaving the District are governed by the following:

    • Each building principal appoints, or employees may volunteer for, a small social committee to plan social affairs.
    • Any gifts to be presented to departing employees by their respective groups are at the discretion of the group involved.

    Solicitations and Services

    The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or their designee approves all solicitations and services that are to be permitted in the District. No organization may solicit funds of staff members in the schools, nor may anyone distribute flyers or other materials related to fund drives through the schools, without the prior approval of the CEO or their designee.

    Employees may not engage in the sale of products to the schools, even if the proceeds of such sales are intended for charitable or civic purposes. No staff member is to collect any money or distribute any fundraising literature without the expressed approval of the CEO or their designee.

    Staff members are prohibited from soliciting funds in the name of the school or District through the use of online fundraising or a crowdfunding campaign without approval of the CEO or their designee. All crowdfunding campaigns must comply with District policies and procedures.


    No employee shall solicit or accept anything of value that is of such a character as to manifest a substantial and improper influence upon the employee with respect to the employee’s duties


    • Adopted: September 6, 2001
    • Amended: June 23, 2020

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