• GCBD: Professional Staff, Administrators, Support Staff, and Non-Union Leaves and Absences


    Leaves and absences granted are for the purposes of helping staff maintain their physical health, taking care of family and other personal emergencies and discharging important and necessary obligations. A leave of absence is a period of extended absence from duty by a staff member, for which written request has been made and the District has granted formal approval. To be eligible for leave, employees must follow all district regulations pertaining to the specific type of leave requested.

    Compensation, if any, during leaves of absence depends upon the type of leave. Deductions are made in salaries for absence in accordance with regulations developed by the administration and approved by the Board.

    A staff member terminates his/her affiliation with the Board if, at the expiration of the specified period of leave, he/she declines the position that is offered to him/her.

    The District procedures governing leaves and absences comply with Ohio and Federal laws, including the Family Medical Leave Act. Failure to follow appropriate regulations may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. This policy governs all staff, including union employees whose bargaining unit agreement does not specifically address this policy


    • Adopted: June 23, 2020

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