• GBE: Staff Health and Safety


    Through its overall safety program and various policies pertaining to school personnel, the District attempts to ensure the safety of employees during their working hours and assist them in the maintenance of good health.

    All employees are expected to observe commonly recognized practices that promote the health and safety of school personnel.

    Bus drivers will have an annual physical examination in compliance with State law. The results of all such examinations are filed with the Chief Executive Officer.

    Employees who are required by State or Federal law to have respiratory protection are required to have two physical examinations. The first examination must take place prior to the individual’s wearing a respirator. The second examination must take place after the individual’s exposure to any hazardous material (within 30 days if it is a one-time exposure, and at least annually if it is ongoing exposure).

    The District may require an individual examination of an employee whenever, in its judgment, it is necessary to protect the health and safety of students or other employees. Whenever the District requires an employee to submit to a physical or mental health examination other than those required by law, the District assumes the cost of the examination. All health examinations required of employees are made by one of the physicians approved for this purpose by the District.

    Any genetic information acquired as a result of individual examinations will be handled in accordance with Federal law.

    Workers’ Compensation

    In case of injury while pursuing duties in keeping with the employee’s contract, the employee may be eligible for payment of medical expenses under the Workers’ Compensation Act of Ohio.

    Any employee who is injured while at work should immediately report such injury to the central office and request the necessary forms to make application for payment under this act.

    The injured employee may be requested to undergo chemical, drug, or alcohol testing, as established by law and administrative regulation. The employee must prove that the injury was not proximately caused by the employee being intoxicated, under the influence of a controlled substance not prescribed by the employee’s physician or under the influence of marihuana (marijuana). The results of, or the employee’s refusal to submit to, any of the requested chemical tests may affect the employee’s eligibility to receive workers’ compensation benefits


    • Adopted: June 23, 2020

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