• GCI: Professional and Support Staff Assignments and Transfers


    The assignment and transfer of professionals and support staff is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

    These employees are assigned to a specific area and may be transferred to any other position for which he/she is qualified. Transfers of teachers may be requested by administrators, supervisors or teachers. The CEO may initiate a transfer of a teacher whenever he/she believes it is in the best interest of the District.

    Promotions and other reclassifications of staff are made by the Board, following recommendation by the CEO

    A request for transfer does not guarantee that such a transfer will be made. Professional and support staff are encouraged to discuss transfers or their intention to request transfer with the principal or other appropriate supervisor.

    School-Based Administrators

    A school-based administrator cannot be transferred during the term of his/her contract to a position of lesser responsibility unless he/she agrees to such a transfer.


    • Adopted: June 23, 2020

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