• GBL: Personnel Records


    The Chief Executive Officer develops and implements a comprehensive and efficient system of personnel records. The Chief Executive Officer will designate the employees directly responsible for the personnel records system. The following guidelines govern such records:

    • Personnel files contain records and information relative to compensation, payroll deductions, evaluations and such information as may be required by the State or Federal government or considered pertinent by the Chief Executive Officer.
    • Anonymous material or material from an unidentified source is not placed in a staff member’s file.
    • A personnel file for each employee is accurately maintained in the District office in accordance with administrative regulations incorporating the requirements set forth under the Ohio Privacy Act for the protection of employees.
    • Ohio law requires the following for all public records:
      • They must be promptly made available for inspection to any member of the general public at all reasonable times during regular business hours; and
      • Upon request to the Human Resources Office, the person directly responsible for the personnel records is required to make copies of public records contained in personnel records available at cost, within a reasonable period of time allowing for review of the request by the office of Chief Counsel. Materials considered to be public records are defined in R.C. 149.43 and do not include those items exempted by statute.
    • Each employee has the right, upon written request, to review the contents of his/her own personnel file. If a document is not disclosed to the employee because it is determined by a physician, psychiatrist or psychologist to be likely to have an adverse effect upon the employee, the document will be released to the medical authority designated by the person or the person’s legal guardian. Requests are made to the Human Resources Office and scheduled for a time convenient for the parties involved.
    • Employees may make written objections to any information contained in the file. Any written objection must be signed by the staff member and becomes part of the employee’s personnel file after the appeal procedure outlined in the Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 1347. The appeal procedure permits any employee who disputes the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of information maintained in his/her file to compel the District to investigate the current status of the information.


    • Adopted: June 28, 2001
    • Amended: June 23, 2020

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