• IA: Instructional Goals


    The goals of the instructional program are considered guides rather than limits that are flexible enough to meet the changing needs of both students and society for all grade levels and subject areas.


    The District’s instructional goals include:

    • Implement the Vision for Learning
    • Create flexible learning environments and innovative real-world settings where students make connections through rich experiences across all content areas that support the Profile of a Graduate.
    • Create a balanced assessment system emphasizing formative assessments and includes authentic demonstrations of learning
    • Restructure and improve differentiated supports for all students based on their individual learning needs
    • Create safe, nurturing environments where the District and schools meet the diversity of needs, recognize cultural competency, and engage a network of social, emotional, and physical connections that promote the success of all students
    • Develop personalized learner pathways for students
    • Develop a structured, student-centered career exploration, work-based learning, advising, and planning system
    • Implement a blended learning environment where students think, discuss, make, question, explore, collaborate, reflect, and take ownership of their learning.
    • Create learning environments that ensure English learners can access and master rigorous grade-level content and language attainment regardless of their language proficiency level
    • Provide students with multi-tiered systems of support that focus on developing the big ideas in literacy that afford students real-world opportunities to express thinking, ideas, and responses to text through writing and speaking through a variety of formats
    • Increase the number of high-quality early childhood programs by creating rich, stimulating, child-centered environments
    • Provide inclusive, learner-centered instruction and supports for access to grade-level, standards-based core instruction, including complex academic tasks, in the Least Restrictive Environment
    • Develop and nurture each scholar’s full creative and intellectual potential through rich and participatory experiences in the arts


    The District revises these goals as necessary to meet the performance standards outlined in Ohio Revised Code 3302.02.


    • Adopted: September 6, 2001
    • Amended: March 29, 2022

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