• IICC: Volunteers


    A volunteer is a person who voluntarily offers themselves for a service or undertaking and who performs a service willingly and without pay from the District or a community agency. Volunteers enhance students' educational opportunities by drawing upon the community's strengths. Therefore, school personnel shall actively seek to locate and use the voluntary services of people whose backgrounds will further the school's educational program.

    The standards of conduct prescribed for District employees shall apply to all volunteers. The District bases criteria for selecting volunteers on school or District needs.

    The District and schools may recruit and select volunteers. However, all volunteers must complete an application form. In addition, except for Minor Volunteers and volunteers of one-day projects that do not involve scholars, all volunteers must complete a security check clearance. The District reserves the right to determine and inform the volunteer on the level of security check required.

    Volunteers shall help school personnel with appropriate education and other school-related activities. Activities include assistance inside or outside the classroom, such as assignments in the lunchroom, playground, office, or library. The District and schools consider the interests and abilities of the volunteers when making assignments.

    Volunteers shall function only under the direction and supervision of school personnel and shall respect the confidential nature of relationships with students and school personnel.

    Volunteers should never replace the duties of professional staff at a school; roles should always be supportive.

    The Board may terminate the voluntary services of any person based on performance judged to be inconsistent with the policies of the Board of Education or a determination that such services are not needed.


    • Adopted: October 4, 2001
    • Amended: March 29, 2022

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