• IGCI: Community Service


    The District is committed to preparing its students for active participation in community affairs in keeping with the tradition of volunteerism and civic responsibility. Community service is an unpaid activity that provides service to an individual or group to address a school or community need. The activity must be developmentally appropriate, meaningful to the student, and effectively use their skills.

    The District supports community service opportunities that acquaint students with the history and importance of volunteer service and a wide range of existing community needs. Community service opportunities that meet State law requirements may be considered an elective towards graduation and/or granted special recognition in the student’s record or on the student’s high school diploma.

    Through participation in community service, students have the opportunity to:

    • Develop knowledge and respect for community and citizenship
    • Learn that working together can solve problems
    • Understand the responsibilities involved in citizenship
    • Explore career opportunities
    • Increase self-esteem and appreciation for others
    • Become sensitive to others and appreciate cultural diversity
    • Overcome interpersonal barriers

    The District collects, creates, and distributes community service opportunities to students. The District provides an electronic mechanism for tracking completed volunteer hours to students in grades 9-12 to support any connections to graduation requirements. The District periodically reviews community service opportunities and practices.


    • Adopted: March 29, 2022

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