• IGCD: Educational Options


    The Board recognizes that an effective educational program provides opportunities for students to learn both within the classroom and beyond the traditional classroom and school day. These expanded opportunities are educational options that align with the District's Vision for Learning to supplement the regular school program.

    Educational options intend to allow educators, parents, guardians, or others to work together to provide opportunities for students to learn in an independent or individual setting and study or work with recognized experts in specific fields. Educational options are additional curricular opportunities to improve, expand, and enrich student learning experiences and perspectives.

    Independent study, tutoring, distance learning, travel, study abroad, mentoring, and college courses represent experiences the Board views as educational options supplementing the regular school program.

    Fees are established for educational options as needed. Participating students pay fees upon beginning educational options.

    The Chief Executive Officer develops regulations when the District initiates educational options. First, each program option must have an instructional plan containing required information as outlined in the Educational Options Criteria section.  Next, the Chief Executive Officer presents each program option and corresponding instructional plan to the Board for adoption. Finally, the Chief Executive Officer presents its regulations for approval.

    Educational Options Criteria

    When initiated, educational options must adhere to the following.

    • The parent or guardian must provide written approval for students under 18 to participate. Students 18 years of age or older must submit a written request to participate. The school must retain a copy of the written approval or request in the school's files.
    • An instructional plan containing written measurable objectives must be submitted to and approved by the Chief Executive Officer. Instructional goals must align with the District's curriculum requirements.
    • The instructional plan includes an outline specifying major instructional activities and identifying materials, resources, facilities, and equipment needed to achieve instructional objectives.
    • The District bases the promotion and retention decisions for K-8 students participating in an optional instructional plan on student performance relative to the option's objectives.
    • The instructional plan includes a written plan for the evaluation of student performance.
    • A certificated/licensed teacher only evaluates student progress in tutorial and independent study programs.
    • The written instructional plan includes a time for evaluating the educational option. The results of the evaluation determine the continuance of the option.


    • Adopted: April 24, 2001
    • Amended: March 29, 2022

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